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Spa ready to use!

Luxurious spa
Water heated instantly on location
Clean and safe
Spa can be installed inside or outside
Several available spas (up to 3)
Daily, weekly, annually or weekend rentals
Starting from 500$


Can easily accommodate 6-7 people
7 glass containers
20 jets
Color changing LED lights
Digital control for temperature, jets and lights
Insulated to conserve heat and to reduce electricity cost
Cover to maintain heat and to ensure safety
Steps with storage
Cleaning products and chemicals are included for prolonged rentals

Technical facts

Operated on 110 volt system using a 15 ampere breaker
1000 litres (300 gallons of water)
1,5 hp pump with 2 speeds
Diameter: 78", Height: 33"

Spa location installer
Bestspaparty.com makes it possible to rent a spa for any occassions or events. Our spas operate on a standard 110 volt system; there are no needs of special electrical outlets. This turn-key concept makes the experience enjoyable for not only the host but all guests.

All the occassions are good to rent a spa. This spa location services gives you the oppurtunity to get all the advantages of a spa in your establishment regardless of the event without having to pay huge money and without causing troubles to your field.

Price on demand

Bestspaparty.com will create a package on demand depending on three criterias :
  • The location
  • The number of spas
  • The lenght of the location
Contact-us by email or by phone to obtain more details.

Rental contract